Problem with letters being carved off

I am trying to make a 3D sign for Halloween. I am using the 1/8 double flute straight end mill cut first and then the 60 deg X 1/4 in SHK for the detail. If I try and select any other bit, I get the warning and I’m too new to this to experiment. Anyway, everything looks great on the detailed preview and the finished product looks like it wanted to be right, but some of the letters are getting carved off and there is always an “underline” that was not intended to be there. What am I doing or not doing so I can prevent this??? Thank you everyone in advance!!!

Can you share the project so that we can compare the design with the output?

This is the detailed preview and how it’s supposed to look…

I read in another thread that you can use the same X,Y zero for the detail carve as long as you don’t move the router. I’m not sure I can change the bit without moving the router accidentally. So do I reset zero or is there a trick to changing the bit with the router locked in place? What do you do if the router does get moved? I think this is my issue.

Going to try this:



Nov '18

You don’t have to as long as you’ve either a) homed your machine at the very beginning OR b) accurately zero your work, every time.

Option a) ( my preferred choice )

  1. Home your machine - So it’ll know where its XYZ is .
  2. Set up your work on the machine.
  3. Zero your work - So it’ll know what the works XYZ is.
  4. Start milling.
  5. “Accidentally” bump the machine - Machine will not know where its XYZ is anymore but will still know where the works XYZ would be in relation to ITs.
  6. Home your machine once more but do NOT reZero - Machine will regain knowledge what its XYZ are and thus where the work is.
  7. Continue milling.
  • This will require for your Homing Game to be repeatably accurate to your needs.
  • Can fairly easy be achieved with homing switches and a Z-Touch Plate.
  • Comes with added safety through use of soft AND hard limit switches due to use of homing switches.

I’ve never had trouble with the router moving during bit changes but I see a lot of people saying that they have trouble. They have a few different forums talking about keeping constant torque on the stepper motors so the router wont move during bit changes. That may help you
Good Luck