Problem with puzzle generator app!

So I have been working on using the puzzle app and it worked great on the first couple of times but now all my puzzles dont fit together

Does anyone know if you create a 4 piece puzzle do you have to use all those pieces in your desgin?

What I was doing waa creating a puzzle and the deleting 3 of the pieces and then duplicating them to make my design but when I cut everything out my pieces dont fit together

Is this because I am deleting 3 of the pieces and duplicatating 1 piece into many?

I dont know why it would matter but does it?

Please help thanks

Anyone have trouble with the Puzzle Generator in Easel. I have tried all month to get it to work.
With FireFox I get the top message, and
with IE I get the bottom message and it locks up.
enter link description here

enter link description here