Problem with tabs moving on their own

Ran in to an issue with a sports logo a friend asked me to make as a trade for some of their work. A lot of pieces and I’m out of tape and glue now, plus for a 1/16” bit that tape sticks to the bit and gets to be a problem. So, was going to do tabs. Got them all arranged then ended up rotating the image 90° so it would fit in the scrap piece of MDF. Before carving I checked everything over and noticed on almost all the pieces the tabs had just grouped together in to one long tab on each piece. Undid the rotate and just shifted pieces around to fit the piece of MDF, and the tabs moved again. Anyone else having similar problems? I just said screw it for the night after having all that time editing basically wasted.

I noticed the same problem with tabs in Easel… if you rotate the model the tabs don’t rotate with it… so far the only workaround I’ve found is to make sure to set the tabs as the very last step.

This is the first time I’ve had the issue.