Problem with ugs freezing while I'm homing xcarve

After opening ugs I start to home machine. Z homes ok, then x and y move a little and suddenly stops without homing. Then unable to move any axis with buttons or keyboard.

I talked with Inventables and it started working. Don’t really know why yet. I have a new xcarve, with x controller. Ugs 1.0.9. It wouldn’t home in either. No alarms in ugs, just wouldn’t move in any direction. We did go thru the setup process in chrome again and everything works now. I don’t know what it was.

Can you post your settings. Comand line “$$”

Been on the phone with Inventables. They are not sure what the problem so either. It’s having problems staying connected they think. We actually got it to run a part, But when I tried to setup another part it quit again while I was trying to use my z probe. Now it won’t move in any direction. They told me they were gonna get some other people involved if it happens again. Of course now it is after hours. So I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow

did you do the machine setup in Easel?
If not try it and see if the problem still happens.
This cleared up an issue I had.
I am not saying it will fix yours but if you have not done it then its possible it could help.

Sorry StephenCook for not replying sooner. I did the set up a few times, but it was a multiple problems. Inventables had to remote into my Macbook a few times over two days, but we think they figured it out. It seems ok now. They found a few odd problems. Firmware and some other things. I’m gonna use it some tomorrow, first chance to run it since Friday.