Problema with Easel

Actually not sure if it is Easel or my design. That said, I have run several projects through easel without issue. This one is larger and more complicated. When trying to do paths easel just hangs. I’ve tried to wait for over an hour but it just won’t get through creating paths. Here is the project shared

Yes, I see what you mean… It took an age for the detailed preview to come up. Now it’s stuck trying to generate the roughing pass, with very little progress so far. I gave up and closed the tab. I am going to guess it’s something about the design (too many elements?).

Ohhh… weird. You’ve got stacked repeated elements, with more details addded on each layer, but it repeats the existing details, too…

I counted six layer of that large image. Did you mean to do that?

Did you lose detail? I used inkscape for the svg.

It was a bit slow but the simulations did complete.

What was interesting though, and I am just new to this so please forgive my ignorance, but when I ran the simulation, first a roughing toolpath came up, then a detail toolpath.

Is this because the file was created in a program outside of Easel and then imported?

Never mind, I just found a tutorial on it. As you were

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No, there is an option to do a roughing pass to remove more material quicker, then do a detail path with a more precision bit.