Problems connecting x-carve to Easel

Good Morning, I just bought a used X-carve and the guy was selling a new x-controller with it. He showed me that it worked with the old controller on his computer. I got it all set up and connected it to the new x-controller. When I plugged it into my computer it said it couldn’t find the drivers for it. It shows up under “unknown devices” but I cannot get it to connect to easel when trying to set it up. I also downloaded the Arduino drivers as instructed… even did the older version 1.6.9 because I read that anything 1.10 and newer didn’t work with these machines… Still won’t connect. Does anyone have any idea what to do?

Thank You,

The X-controller uses the FTDI chip for USB communications. Look for the FTDI driver online and install it.

Also, if you have more than 1 usb port, try a diff one. Had that issue with my laptop…

Downloaded and it works great! Thank you for your help and time! Have a great day

Casey H