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Problems cutting into wasteboard

Yeah, I follow you. I would however like him to try the “hole in a hole” carve you suggested earlier, then we will know each incremental movement actually is relative to each other.

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Did you ever figure out what’s wrong? Mine is doing this too:(

I just plan .02" into my cuts now

I made an overlay for the wasteboard with tagboard on a laser cutter as I was finding all full depth cuts were gouging the wasteboard. Here is a discussion with an SVG file that can be used.

I am new to X-carve. I was thinking of added a 1/4" piece of plywood the same dimensions as my 3/4" piece that I am going to make the though cuts on. When I add the 1/4" piece under my work piece, will that “undocumented” 1/4" piece mess up the carve when I go use to z-probe to zero the work? This is probably a dumb question just very unfamilar with Easel and X-carve and trying to learn. I also don’t want to mess up the wasteboard by accidentally cutting into it. Thank you ahead of time!

No that would not cause a probe problem. I use a auxiliary wasteboard all the time although I do not permanently attach it


@PhillipLunsford thank you! I put the 1/4" ply under my piece and it turned out great! Thank you for the help.

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