Problems on X axis (Dewalt 611)


I just got my X-Carve 1000mm setup. I did a few cuts and all of them seem off on the X axis after a while.

I am using a 1/4" bit at speed setting 2 or 3 on the Dewalt. I cut in particle board, taking the MDF setting in easel but only half the depth-per-pass.

Reducing the default depth-per-pass to half has solved the issue a bit, but its still doing that.

I also have spun up the pots on the shield by one click each axis.

Please advise.


Due to the weight of the Dewalt could your z-axis be out of square?


Thanks for the reply! I checked and its definetley square still…



the Z was off indeed a little, but the issues are still there. I continued in my other thread here about it: {Resolved} Z axis not square - please help