Problems since the new update

has anyone else been having issues with your machine since the new update?? my machine keeps running off path. it will make one pass then jog off path make another and then get stuck and start shaking while trying to carve.

Have your GRBL parameters changed?

I’m not sure… how do I check that?

Easel - Machine Inspector - Console

Write $$ and press Enter
Your current GRBL parameter values will start to list below.

Post them here.


Those look to be standard values.
Is the measured travel for all axes = jog command distance?

Carve feed rates and RPM?

How do I check those?

And does that look normal? The position of the router compared to what it says in easel??

The X/Y grid on the waste board is irrelevant to the machine. Its just a visual aid for the operator.

How do you set your work zero? (Easel Home Position - do not confuse with homing switches)

I usually home the machine every time I turn it on and then set the work zero to where the bit is in the pic. And I use a probe

Sounds about right.
What RPM/feed rate/ depth per pass did you use on the failed carve shown in post 1?

Rpms around 22,000

Shouldnt cause problems :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure its something mechanical, either hitting the limit of reach, or something is binding causing the steppers to stall out. Hard to say more without seeing it in action :confused:

How does it “carve” if you run the program with router off / no bit?
Looks like its struggling for real.

Sorry for all the questions but we need to rule out as much as possible :slight_smile:

It seems to be running fine without the bit in or router spinning. Have made four passes and seems to be staying on path

Okay, what about trying a shallower depth per pass?
Like 0.03

I’ll try that

So far that seems to be working
, it has not gone off path yet

Okay good, then it was most likely overloaded in terms of carve forces / available power, or a mechanical issue.
Are you using a gshield or Xcontroller?

I would expect 0.06" DoC to be fine. Perhaps others with Xcarve can chime in as my CNC is DIY´d and not comparable to XCarve any longer.

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