Problems using Easel on Windows 10

Hi there.
I just got a new laptop to use with my CNC machine (which is not an X-Carve), and I’ve been using Easel with no problems, even with my old laptop.
Both of them are using Windows 10, and both are asking for an update (anniversary update, build 1607) and when they finish this %#@%&( update, Easel does not work right. Easel gets the job started, but when it’s close to 20%, I get the blue screen and the computer shuts down.
I have lost several works until I decided to roll back the update and apparently resolved. The problem is that I don’t know how to prevent the update from happening, and I really want to continue using Easel because it is the best controller I’ve found so far.
This problem of blue screen happens with both laptops and only after update to build 1607 is made. Is this happening to anyone else?
How do I do to solve this problem?
Pleaseeeeee… help me!!

I think this is very driver specific and therefore machine specific. I’ve been using a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which is in the Insider Program Fast Ring (so I’ve been running test versions of the anniversary update all year) and I haven’t had any problems similar to yours.