Problems with accurate cutting / engraving depths

i have had the carve for a few months and i am having problems getting an accurate depth of cut/ engrave
i have a probe and use a digital vernier to get the correct thickness of the media

anyone got any ideas?

many thanks


Need more input :slight_smile:

Levelled your wasteboard?
Calibrated steps / mm?
X-controller or Arduino/G-shield?
Stepper motor size ?
Which spindle?

sorry i am well versed in large format print and vinyl cutting but a bit of a novice in CNC

i can answer some questions but not all

level wasteboard? when building we made sure it was as square to the gantry as possible

calibrated steps? sorry please explain

xcontroller used

stepper motors are the standard that came with the carve kit

dewalt spindle used

No worries. We all start somewhere :slight_smile:

Level washboard = is the height relative to Z equal over the entire surface. It is common practise to use a large diameter bit to carve off the top layer in order to get a true equal Z height.
Calibration of steps = measure actual travel distance for a given distance jog command. If you ask a 1" move is an actual 1" moved? One might need to tweak this value (step per mm in GRBL speak) to get accurate carves.
XController, fine - they come with preset motor current limiters. Previous models came with a shield that needed these limiters adjusted for optimum performance. Usually came with too low setting = motors not brought to max power = loosing steps (sync)
Stepper motor, Nema 23 or Nema17 on the Z-axis?

You probably thought of it already but are you starting with the z=0 at the top of the material or at the table?