Problems with depth using sainsmart 3018cnc

I have a strange problem im hoping some of you cluey guys and girls might be able to help with. Im using easel and have a flat and level wasteboard secured to the tray of the cnc, but if i set it to cut a depth of say 2mm it cuts that depth on the far right side but on the left side its 5mm deep. Ive measured the height of the wasteboard from the frame of the cnc and it is exactly the same height all the way round.

  • Either you lost steps on Z along the way, making it ride deeper and deeeper as you went.
  • Or the Z is not parallell to waste board (Test with a 2nd carve surface that you skim cut with the 3018)

Cheers. I found the problem: gantry wasnt parallel. widening the holes for screws on the z axis rails gave me the adjustment i needed. I so need a X Carve.