Problems with Easel today? Will not zoom in- detail bit overrides roughing

Hey guys- first post. I tried support but I believe they are closed.

Starting today with a new project I’ve found I can not scroll to zoom in closer than… well not close at all. It almost freezes up like I’m lost inside of a wall in Sketchup (if anyone follows).

Also the program overrides my 1/4" milling bit and auto selects my detail bit (30* engraver) to attempt a through cut in my 1.5" thick stock.

Any ideas? I’m hoping it’s just Easel being glitchy today.

Thanks so much!

Edit: I made a copy and the duplicate allows me to scroll. It’s still fight me on the bits. I’ll run it as 2 carves as a work-around for now, but do I need a more advanced program to begin to define what should be used where? It’s inexplicable that Easel would select an engraver without the reach for my through’s.

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Can you share the project?
In easel go to Project>Share and set it to “unlisted”
then copy the link shown and Paste the link here.

I’ve been on Easel all morning and haven’t noticed the issue on any of my projects of those from others I’ve helped on FaceBook today…

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try reloading, try again. I needed click on the 3d for the scroll zoom to work.

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is this a 2 bit project?
Easel treats 2 bit projects like this:
the endmill or larger of 2 endmills is used for “Roughing”
Roughing in Easel ONLY removes the bulk material from a pocket type cut.

ALL other types of cuts, like on path, inside path, outside path are cut with the detail bit (in your case the V bit) The outer edges of the pockets are cut with the vbit as well of course.

IF you want to have the endmill cut the perimeter to free the part, typically an “outside the path” cut type. than the best way to accomplish this is to move that perimeter cut to a separate workpiece and remove the vbit from the bits assigned, leaving Only the endmill to do all of the work in that design.
An example of this approach is used in this flag carve, I use an endmill to cut the perimeter of the flag, and the stripes and a vbit only to carve the stars. By splitting the design up the user gets to control which bit is used where.

It seems like you’ve worked out the scrolling issue, so I guess no need to share the project unless you want to… the above should cover the speedbump you’re hitting with bit selection for different areas within Easel… and yeah, you’d need a different software for the user to define which bit to use where within a single project… Vectric, Carveco, Carbide Create, Fusion360 can all perform this the way you’d want, the user defines all of those parameters. BUT easel is simple and thus less user controls like you’d need for this.

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Hey Seth,

Thanks a lot for the help. I’ve posted my project just because the idea of someone else checking it out seems cool. You’ve thoroughly answered my questions. I’ve had the pro 4x4 since March and I’m still learning new things all the time.

The project I posted is for some table legs I’d like the machine to mill. I should probably create another post for this in a more appropriate category, but is there a place to discuss clamping strategies? I’m milling Mahogany 2x6 into table legs- and have designed with little waste. Unfortunately, little waste translates into little room to clamp. I’m not convinced the tape-and-contact-cement will secure my piece with a 1/4" mill. Is the answer simply to work more waste into the work piece?

Thanks again- I’m looking forward to checking out your videos.

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