Problems with Engraving Letters

Hello, I’m trying to engrave a word in a piece of Maple and i’m having a problem with the detail. The Detailed Preview doesn’t show the entire word it’s missing some details on it. Also, how can I add the Engraving bit to easel?

I’m using the X-Carve from Inventables, Easel as a software, the bit is the 0.01 Engraving Bit that comes with the bit kit. I’ll leave the link to my project.

Thank You

Your project isnt shared publicly, click Save before closing the URL window :slight_smile:
Happens a lot.


Change your bit to either a 1/16, 1/32 or even a vbit.


You probably havent been able to specify (to Easel) the bit correctly, so Easel think its too large and omit each area where the bit wont fit.

Here is a video @PhillipLunsford made, covering this scenario:


Thank You for the time and help! I think I already tried a smaller bit but didn’t know that was possible to have two different bits. The came out really good!


Thank You all!