Problems with filling vectors engraving

If i have a vector with a shape inside the main, and select fill, every part inside gets filled.

Any way to make easel fill only the outer shape?

Eksample : If i have a circle with a second circle inside, an want to fill only between the outer and inner line, leaving the centre unfilled.

Everything i try makes easel fill both :open_mouth:

The shapes inside must be set to zero depth, and need to be brought to the front.

ahhh… logical… What do you mean to the front?

Right click menu, also under EDIT menu.

ok… But what do this function really do? Practical speaking

Moves objects in front of other objects. If it is a cut, the front most object is cut first. So even if you set something to Zero depth, if it is not in front of an object with an assigned depth, the object with the assigned depth will be cut first.

i understand. Thanks a lot !