Problems with importing shapes from dxf file

Hi all,

I’m trying to import dxf files from a 2D CAD program (deltacad) that I have used for quite a while to develop CAD drawings. The dxf file imports into easel but the CAD shapes import as indiividual lines instead of a box shape. This precludes the use of the inside cut and fill functions on easel. I have tried selecting and combining the lines but with no luck.

Also, there does not seem to be a complete help file or document for easel, just a bunch of help guides. Can anyone point me to some complete Easel doc?


I have only played with Easel but I think you need to import an SVG file format into it. That means using Illustrator or the freeware version to convert the DXF to SVG. There are always these freeware things too:

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Could you share the file?

Not anymore… You can import dxf

I have Facebook group that I get DXF files from. When you bring them into easel it converts them to all lines. I have to go through and change everything to fill. This means some areas I set to zero depth and some areas I set to my cut depth. I have had couple of cases after setting everything to fill I had to move a few element to front or back to fix the layering so they cut correctly.

Not sure if this is what you are experiencing, hope it helps. Steve

Thanks for the replies and offers of assistance. Based upon info I found on the forum, I was able to determine that the problem is open shapes in the .dxf file exported from my CAD program. I was able to use Inkscape to open the .dxf files and join the corners of the shapes that were causing the problem. After saving the corrected file as a .dxf or .svg from Inkscape, they imported into Easel as closed objects. I dropped a note to the CAD program (Deltacad) author regarding the problem as the CAD designs all use snapping to connect line corners to each other in the CAD program but some shapes export as (slightly) unconnected causing open shapes. Circle shapes import as closed. Using Inkscape to join and close the open objects is a workaround for my exisiting CAD designs albeit one that should be unnecessary.

Boxs and Circle joined.dxf (6.1 KB)
Boxs and Circle.dxf (110.4 KB)