Problems with Inkscape

So I am trying to trace this pic in Inkscape and the lines turn into a fill and Easel doesn’t know what to do with it. if I change it to outlines I end up with double lines. not sure how to fix this any help would be greatly appreciated. @PhilJohnson you seem to be quite knowledgeable in Inkscape could you help. Thanks


this maybe the same issue I had. I had to edit the points due to double lines. Machine acting weird (anyone else have this problem)

I don’t know how to copy a link

sounds good thanks

monkey test4.eps (49.8 KB)

ya i see what you getting at. but it just turns into a mess when i go to outlines and start deleting different parts like the feet and the hands. there is no way to convert the original inside line that becomes a fill to an outline then huh?

This is almost what i need, just the reverse, outline only. what was your process for tracing/ converting this?

I’ve had the same issue in the past. I use the Trace Bitmap on a jpeg. Instead of converting into a single stroke, each line is 2 strokes and it fills the space in between with black.

This is not ideal for carving. Does anyone know, is there a way to convert a line drawing jpeg into a single stroke?

Ok thanks for all your help Phil, really appreciate it.

Yes, you need a program that will convert a raster (pixel) image to a vector image. I have no personal experience with these products, but there’s, and there’s also

Here’s a google search:

Looks like there’s a free online converter at

Again, I’m not sure how well any of these work, but it’s a starting point.

This may not be helpful for this example, but I have also found some success with certain traces if I open the picture in paint first and fill in sections with black. Then do an edge detection trace and it will only give you one line. Again, maybe not helpful in this example. In general I try to only use clip art that is in “silhouette” form to avoid this issue, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

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thanks for the suggestion. Ya i try to use silhouette clipart whenever possible too. but unfortunately this guy was the only one that would work for customers design

Had to redraw alot but turned out good. ready to carve.

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I use another tool for a paper cutting machine.
Make The Cut is what its called.
It does a much better job at text on a curve than Easel.
It has features in it that make it easier to set up jobs.
Then when I am happy I just export it to a SVG file and import it.