Problems with my x carve

has anyone had problems with there x carve i have contacted inventables and have done a current adjustment belts are tight wired properly roller wheels set properly but yet i have yet to be able to carve anything worth a crap i lost a job cuz the machine has not carved as i have seen others.i just want this machine to carve i understand there will be problems but i have had nothing but problems. i really dont want to get rid of it yet i want to try to get it to carve properly i have looked at oliver cnc but i want to stay with inventables they came highly recommended by a friend but i have asked him about everything that is going wrong with it help me carve good jobs plz thx Michael R. Hopp

What are the exact problems, is it mechanical of software?

first things to check:

belt tension

maybe a defect spindle causing an magnetic field and randomly driving the steppermotors?

Can you be more specific with the issue(s) you are having? What program(s) are you using? We’re here to help, just need more info as to what problem you are dealing with.

The X-Carve is fundamentally the same as the Shapeoko 2, so you may find some basic pages on the Shapeoko wiki of use:

We generally need a bit more precise information to be able to help, but it’s not all that likely that you’ve got a problem that’s never been seen before! :slight_smile:

What kinds of problems, exactly, are you having? Not moving at all? Moving to the wrong places? Bad quality of cut?

We can get this squared away, there’s a lot of knowledge here, and the Inventables guys are great to work with. Don’t give up! :slight_smile:

If you can provide some pictures showing how the carving did not meet your expectation I am sure a solution can be found.