Problems with STL files in Aspire

Im having some issues with creating tool paths for an STL file imported into Aspire. I can get the tool path for the object boundary just fine, but im not sure how to create tool paths for the rest of the model. This is the model imported into Aspire.

Its an end mill holder. I cant seem to figure out how to get the toolpaths for anything but the outside edge of the model.

This is the only selectable vector in this model.

Anybody have any ideas?

Select the vector, which I assume is just the boundary. Go to toolpaths and click on the roughing toolpaths. Where it says machine limit boundary chooses selected vector…choose a bit…and hit calculate.

That being said, I am not sure I would do this from an STL file. I would just generate the vectors within aspire, do pockets for all the cutouts and it would be much faster to cut.

I can’t stress enough that using an STL for this is truly not a good way to do this. Setting up pockets for the cutting would make this so much quicker to cut.

The only toolpath I can generate is the one for the boundary. I’ve only been using aspire for a few weeks so im still learning. Should I just re-create this project within aspire and forget about the STL? I’ll start working on that and see how it goes.

I would do it with vectors within aspire, it would be quick and the generated toolpaths would be much better.

For the future, you really don’t need any vectors to generate toolpaths for STL files. You just need to make a roughing and/or a finishing path based on the models.

Go through the tutorials, they are fantastic and explain everything.

Ill have to go through tutorials again. I couldnt get it to generate any toolpaths for the stl. I was able to create a toolpath for the outside profile after i converted the boundary to a vector.

Whenever I get an STL file imported and go to make a tool path it says it cannot create a tool path, no vectors are selected. Even if my STL model is selected it wont make a tool path.

Im re making this project within Aspire. I can make something similar but it takes a lot longer than CAD. I just wish i could figure out the tool path process for STL’s.

What kind of toolpath are you trying to create for an STL file? If you are doing a roughing or finishing pass and you have machining boundary set to selected vector you will get that error. Set to material boundary or model boundary.

Which is why I would not use an stl file.

I was able to build it in Aspire just fine. Everything came out good. I like that in Aspire you can select parts or your work and assign different types of tool paths with different end mills. I was just trying to get it to cut out most of the stuff with a 1/4 end mill and cut just the 1/8 end mill holders with the 1/8 end mill. I tried to set it up in MeshCam and couldnt get it to do that. The only way MeshCam would cut the part properly was to use an 1/8 end mill for roughing and finishing. Just a finish pass with the 1/8 end mill didnt cut the 1/8 end mill holders. That is the main reason I was hoping to cut the file in Aspire was to setup those different tool paths with an STL file I already made. Simple things like that I will just create in Aspire to begin with from now on. Thank you guys for your help :slight_smile:

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I am glad you got it to work. Post a picture when you cut the part.