Problems with SVG imports

Long time Illustrator user, having issues with SVGs imported into Easel that I wasn’t having a few months ago. Here are the issues I’m having:

  1. It breaks apart my file - I had a logo with text (converted to outline) and the text was all grouped together. In Easel when I imported the SVG, it took most of the letters and moved them down and to the right several inches. I was able to group all these items no problem and move them - it preserved the spacing. But no matter what I did with my file - I couldn’t get it to import properly at first. Saved as SVG 1.0 like I always do, file was from a friend running latest Illustrator - I resaved it under CS3 (my version) and then SVG, still same issue. Saved file as Illustrator 10, then SVG - still same problem.

  2. Here’s the biggie: I had a part of my file set to a depth of .2 inches. Well, when it came time to carve that - it plunged the bit the entire depth at one shot. (was set to .050 depth per pass, and it just cut the outline of the sign all the way through the wood (3/4") properly). I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention and next thing I know, a bit goes flying by my shoulder. :smiley: I guess the Dewalt 611 is pretty stout, I didn’t even hear it really straining.

Here’s a link to the easel file if any Inventable folk want to have a gander. I can provide the original illustrator file too if you’d like to see it.

SVGs working properly is a huge thing for my workflow and I hope we can figure out what the problem is - whether it’s on my side or Easel’s. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Easel is a pretty good thing when it is working. That being said, I have had some bad things happen to. I think it has a lot to do with being a web app. I just purchased Vcarve pro and now I’m trying to get that going. Good luck and enjoy cutting!

Hi Pete. I’m having the same problem with Easel - see this post for a workaround, but not for greyscale images:

  1. I’ve had similar issues and it is a bug. I suggest you check your SVGs for tiny elements that shouldn’t be there, and check the toolpaths carefully before hit the button.

I’m holding off Vcarve for the moment in the hope that Easel can be fixed. It’s such a good tool but the unexpected errors and bugs are quite frustrating. Probably the limitations of a webapp.

I’m having this same issue (LONG time Illustrator user). This one is a simple name. I converted the text to outlines, expanded it (stroke and fill), then combined it all with the pathfinder tool.

It almost got the first name in order right, but the rest of the last name characters are all over the place (not in my screenshot).

Tried ungrouping everything and reserving the SVG (SVG1.1) in Illustrator, but same issue?

EDIT: Weird. My SVG was 3.5x3.5 inches and Easel workspace is 6x6 inches. I just resized my SVG workspace to 3.5x2 inches and it imported correctly… hmmm o well. as long as it works I reckon…

This is a serious issue with Easel that I hope will get addressed. My current workaround is to open the .svg in makercam and resave. It then opens correctly. The file I was working on last night was having that problem.

Also, I have found that if you upload your .svg to a forum post and then right click/save it does the same thing. I’m thinking about making a dead forum post somewhere just to test that.