Problems with UGS... Any alternatives?

I did… He never got back to me… Steve…

Where is the current PDF? I did a google search and it found this one, which is for release 2.3.3.

The September pdf included in the new November release program package looks just like the one in that link, however all the screen shots are completely different from the actual November version of the program. Layout is totally different and the pdf does not match the new release.



That is the current PDf. We moved some buttons around to make room for the Feedrate and Spindle (PWM) overrides for the 1.1d beta version of grbl. We are holding out on finalizing everything because grbl 1.1d has not released to Master yet, so something else may change.


The jogging buttons did not change, so the current Tutorial PDF is still relative with the Released V2.5.7. There is also instructions in the Probe Menu if you select Info.

In Demo mode to change the grbl settings for Spindle & Laser Mode, they need to be done in the C:\ProgramData\PicGRBL Windows system folder in the spindle.txt & laser.txt files. The GRBL menu is not active in Demo Mode.


I guess it’s confusing as the PDF talks about using buttons that don’t exist anymore and the screen shots don’t match the current program. So I can see why someone would have difficulties if they were completely new to CNC work.


All the buttons are still there. A few moved to another place on the screen. Only the selections have changed. We removed Position Sent & Position Feedback. GRBL Z Code is Spindle now and the GRBL PWM Code is Laser now. The Pause button will only appear after you start running a gcode file.

@StephenJ.Nordahl , if PicSender is too confusing for you, please use UGS or another gcode streamer instead. Thank you.


With Larry’s off line help I have the program working now.



please share what hou learned or what the misconceptions were to help others spot their own issues

I’m still working on this.

[Edit 11/21/2016 21:16] @JeremySimmons

I’ve taken this as far as I can with the information I collected.

At this point all I can say is that I don’t know why there was a problem here.

I am also convinced that what we actively did, did not fix the problem.

Whatever was causing the issue was corrected by something we did in the investigation, but I don’t know what it was that actual fixed the problem.

The good news is that it is working.

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As the author of PicSender, it is my opinion that somehow Stephen’s Grbl had either been set to a paused/hold/suspend condition (possibly with the “!” command), or some setting(s) in Grbl was wrong.

Stephen reported that he could home his machine with PicSender upon connecting to Grbl, but that he could not jog any axis. To me, this was a strong indication that there was an unknown issue with his Grbl installation, because even in demo mode, jogging with PicSender is easily done.

Because he is now back in operation with PicSender, further troubleshooting the issue is not possible, so we can’t really know for sure the original cause of his issue.

I want to thank Larry for his personal help and time with this issue, and I also want to thank him for his new multi-mode Grbl, which now makes it very easy for users to effortlessly switch between spindle and laser modes without having to reload different Grbl versions and settings.


G10L20P1X0Y0Z0… for setting G54
Homing G91 G28 Z0
G91 G28 X0 Y0