Problems with webgl

I’m not getting a preview and have spent hours trying to enable webgl. Every website I go to tells me to got to chrome:// flags and enable it. That being said, this feature no longer appears to be there. So right now I’m getting kind of frustrated. Any ideas???

Can you try another browser?

hi, i have same problem but with several hours searching I found a tutorial video.
Do this:
1- Chrome://flags
2-the first quote say Override software rendering list click enable.
3- restart chrome browser.
with this 3 steps i solve my webgl problem
I have a Macbook Pro with El Capitan
or check this video
enter link description here

@KeddyKleinbergs The success or failure of WebGL is actually due to your video card. I chased this issue on another software program and was only able to fix it with an upgraded video card. If this is an issue on a laptop, then it will not be fixable with software and a different laptop that has a video card and drivers that supports WebGL is what is needed.

@CarlosQuiles… tried your suggestion, didn’t work. @HalfNormal… I used to get the preview, now nothing, I think after a Chrome update. Works in Explorer on this computer. Strange thing, I have two other laptops using Chrome, one I use to run my X-Carve, have previews on both of those…

FINALLY! Just did this solution and it worked!