Problems with y axis

My y axis is not traveling back and forth at the same time. Have an upgraded xcarve 1000. To my knowledge the machine is square, the router is perpendicular both ways, the wheels are set right, the belts should be correct. When carving y axis is not in sync with other one. Can someone help me.

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There are quite a few things that can cause this however the most common is the pulley loose on the stepper shaft on one of them, causing it to be dragged around by the one that is working properly…
the other possibility is or one of the steppers not having a proper connection.
You could unplug each of the Y steppers one at a time and retest to see if you can determine which is causing the issue. (check the connector on the stepper for a burned pin as well)

What pulley are you talking about? You mean the wheels? I’ve checked the wires but do I need a continuity gauge to see if the circuit is going thru?

The one(s) that attach to the stepper shaft and move the gantry along belts.

Well my suggestion was to unplug one at a time and test to see if it operates the same as now, with 2 plugged in. If one unplugged operates the same as now, then that would be the one with the wiring issue…

The pulleys are brand new from the new upgrade and are on securely and turn fine and not loose.

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The two Y motors get wired differently as one opposes the other.
Check that you do not have both both wired the same.

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Yes thank you, I know that, I’ve had the machine for over a year and it worked good before the upgrade.

I assumed your upgrade included motors, that is why I mentioned the wiring?


It still sounds like a wiring issue. Loose connection, broken wire, bad crimp, etc.

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I will get a continuity checker today to see if theirs current going thru the wires. Thank you.

I will get a continuity checker today to see if theirs current going thru the wires. Thank you

There are no problems with the wires. The continuity checker notes that there is current going through the wires. Now I see that there is calibration for the x and the z axis but I can’t find help on calibrating the y axis. There’s only 1 y axis calibration so that means that both should be traveling at the same time together, although they are not. Inventables tells me to calibrate my y axis but does not tell me how. I can’t find any youtube videos that instruct on calibrating my y axis, so I’m just stuck with no carving until I get this problem solved. I was doing a lot better with my old x-carve.

Y2 is a clone of the Y1 axis, so the calibration of Y effects both equally and is a completely identical process to the X but applies to $101 instead of $100.

Have you tried unplugging the Y1 and driving the machine and compare that to unplugging Y2 and driving the machine

Does unplugging one render it incapable of moving at all, while unplugging the other results in the exact same operation as both plugged in?
OR does it operate identically regardless of which you unplug?

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These are my reading on my machine—$100=26.660; $101=26.660; $102=49.909. Isn’t the 100 and the 101 the X and Y axis? What should the reading be? I have no clue. Thank you.

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Those are correct for the newest upgrades… the linear rail z and the 9mm wide belts…

But can you address this :point_down::point_down:

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