Production Work

I’m making a wood floor for my living room. I was cutting these out on the table saw at first and after 300 of them I thought trying my XC. It’s not as fast but it’s a little more accurate, just a 1000 more to go and I’m done.

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what are your feeds and speeds and material?

whats your current cycle time? maybe we can get it faster

OMG. Thats a huge undertaking.
Take pics when its done.

One at a time?! Tiling for the win here.
Nice bump stop though…

Should be able to run that at 80ipm with 1/8 inch but at 1/8 depth cut per pass and knock those out fast. Can probably go even faster if with some trial and error!

oh yeah from the pics it looks like you are using a 1/4" tool and I would ramp that bad boy down at 110 ipm 18000 rpm .21" depth of cut on the dewalt these will be done in no time

are you using double sided tape to hold these down?

caution use these settings with a high quailty downcut spiral like the onsrud 57-910

I’m using a 1/4" upcut, .08 depth of cut @ 70" minute, desalt 611 set at 1. I’ve found at these settings I’m getting pretty good results. Every once in a while the bit runs into a knot or something and the bit shutters a little. Each tile takes a minute & 47 seconds to cut out. I’m using hot glue to hold the tile done as double stick tape would take way to long and be a mess. I started having a weird issue with my dust collection setup causing some kind of EMI and fouling up the GShield so I removed it. So it’s slowing me down having to clean up chips between each one. I put my dehumidifier back in my shop so maybe I can get the environment back under control and start using the D.C. again. Each one takes about 5 minutes total start to finish to do right now.

I counted a little while ago and it’s 850 to go.

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oh yeah we could speed this up for sure I mean anything helps when you have a 1000 to do even if we only save 30 seconds

yeah I think ditch the dust collection if its giving you problems and go with a quick shot of compressed air to clear chips

hot glue works

bump the speeds and feeds up and rpm

what kinda material is it?

and what kinda tool are you using?

I don’t remember the brand and I’m not home right now but the bit is a carbide 1/4" upcut flat top endmill. I’m cutting Cypress into endgrain tiles. I’ve thought about playing with the settings in vcarve proto see if I can speed it up a little. I tell ya if I could start using my dc again, that would speed things up a lot, the weather has been crazy here in New Orleans. Right now I think it’s 74 out and 80% humidity.

yeah I would defiantly switch to a downcut that would give you more holding power

but man a inverted pin route would do wonders on this job or even perhaps a router table using a pattern bit you could knock out 850 really quick

“inverted pin route”?, I’m not familiar with the process. Of all my tools I dislike my router table the most. Don’t get me wrong I have a really nice setup, I just hate using one, I would go back to my sled jigs on the table saw first. I like the results I’m getting w/ the XC its just slower.

oh yeah this is an inverted pin router I know someone who has this one for a decent price and I have been trying to find the work for it to buy it lol

yeah I am not a huge fan of router tables either especially there price but in a niche repetitive the router table is a invaluable tool I have 3 of them now lol just for doing things like rounding over edges on parts

I was just thinking that sense you had the squares already you could make a jig on the x-carve and then run each square through the router table in about 10-20 seconds each

just to keep the hours low on your x-carve for other projects especially the z-axis that is alot of motion for the z-axis I see the v-wheels having to adjusted quite a few times

The wood started out as rough cut 16 quarter x 16 quarter x 8’ lengths that I bought straight from the mill still wet. I air dried it and then cut into 3/4 tiles, so while they look squarish they are not. But I will put some thought into trying a template and pattern bit in my router table.


how would you do this on a miter saw without having a hole in the center?


how are you going to index the straight sides on circular pattern with a miter saw? so they are all the same

mmm yeah that makes sense lol

maybe a quick toggle clamp

@robertcanning i want to see a demo… make a heax from a square with a jig… or at least draw it