“Professional” Carved Wall

So I was out at the new Braves stadium and noticed a carved wall…on closer inspection…I guess this passes as “professional” because I’m guessing they paid a hefty price for the wall (it was probably 20’ by 10’)…at least do some sanding!


Now that I carve a lot of signs I am constantly amazed at how bad some of the “professional” stuff really is. I had not seen this one at SunTrust Stadium, but I will look for the next time I am there.

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Looks like a Z axis issue… LOL


Here’s the full wall:

It’s out in right field.

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Goodness, that seam is horrendous.

Plus, they make you drink Coors Light. Ugh. Two strikes!

P.S. I’m from St. Louis, home of Anheuser Busch, where my dad retired from. We always had plenty of Bud Light…:sunglasses:

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Must be a really really big CNC to make that! :grin:

I thought similar but it appeared like it was tongue and grooved piece so with proper toolpath tiling, you could break it up into 4 sections.

Assuming it was 10’ x 20’, you could do 5’ x 10’ sections and break it at a good spot (like the board that is above the “A” and the “S”.

you should have left a post-it explaining how to fix the overlapping and z-axis issue through GRBL