Profile name change?Tony X

Why can’t I change my username profile name?

Forums usually don’t like that. Maybe a mod can do it.

Hi Tony,

You can change your username by going to Forum Preferences under the user dropdown in the top right corner.

Just click the pencil next to your username to edit it.

Nope… No pencil in there… I seen the one for images and other ones.

Found… test here…

test… See if this worked…

There is a pencil next to my username at the top of this topic. When I change it, option uncategorized, It shows a change at the top but not in my posts…

That pencil is just for the topic of this thread. @chrisbalin I think the ability to change your username might be specific to your mod permissions, since I just went to my Forum Preferences page and was unable to edit that field.

Ah, there was a limit set so users could only change their username within 30 days of creating a forum account. I’ve increased the limit so you should be able to change your username now @TonyPoling.

Is it possible to change my username I have no pencil next to my username in the forum preferences but i need to change my username badly please?

Hi Evann, what would you like it to be changed to?

ontheEDGE please if Possible



thank you very much

I would like to change my username as well can a MOD help please?

I do not need to change my forum name. I like my name.

Can I change my name?