Program and cost

Does anyone know what program i would need to create things like this and the price i am looking at?

My daughter is gettin married and i will be cutting out a cake topper kinda like this

If you have the time to figure it out, you can draw things like that in Inkscape and then import the drawing into Easel for no cost at all.

I make cake toppers for my Mrs as she bake on commission.

This can all be done directly in Easel.

I usually make my lettering in Photoshop or Inkscape because I have direct access to more fonts (some fonts in Easel are Pro/fee based). Export that as an SVG and import that into Easel for tool path generation/carving.

As for cutting, I usually use a 30deg V-bit (but Easel is told its a straight bit) and do single full depth pass on 1/16" two-colour plastic.
Feed rate 40IPM at minimum RPM.
(I dont use a Xcarve BTW - I rolled my own)