Program different speeds on cut for last pass

Hey gang,

I’m carving some bowls. The inside of the bowl is doing offset cut passes which works just fine. The outside of the bowl, however, requires the bit to dig through more material - the full width of the bit instead of half.

Is there a way to program a faster speed for the inside and then a slower speed for the outside (without doing it manually or in multiple steps)?

Thanks for any help!

What’s your CAD/CAM workflow? More info would help get answers.

I only have easel.

Can you share an Easel file?
File–>Share–>Share with link–>Save

This can be done in Easel, but you’d have to make multiple work pieces (multiple steps).

This is something that can be done natively in Fusion 360, but then of course you’d have to learn to use Fusion 360.