Program Questions

Put a guitar program in easel and finally ran the piece it was moving along and when it finished the neck pocket, pickup and trem routes it went back to home position and said complete. It didnt route the guitar shape. What I did to complete it was copied the design removed all the parts that did route and hit carve and it finished it. How do I get it to do the competed project from the same window? I am new to CNC and this is my first project.


With the original project loaded, and clicking the “Simulate” button in the bottom right hand corner, does it show the paths for the outline cut? (cool design btw)

this is what it shows

Really strange. The preview clearly shows it plans to cut the outline. I don’t see anything else wrong with the setup.

Sounds like USB connection drop-out, this will cause the carve to reset/believe it has finished.

Either the USB port entered sleep mode, or electrical noise caused a drop-up.