Programing CNC with Scratch/Java for kids

Hello everyone,

I am a Middle School woodshop and math teacher. I recently did the “hour of code” with my students from I related the movements of the students characters on the screen to the X Carve I recently got for the class. It went really great!
This got me thinking of the possibilities of student being able to take scratch or java programing and having a program translate it to gcode that the CNC could cut for them! I have not been able to find anything online like this but thought it would be a super powerful learning experience for my students.
Does anyone have some input that could make this happen?! I asked about this but doubt they will be up for making this connection.


Node box has been used for this sort of thing, as has Processing.

A recent development is TPL, available from which is a JavaScript derived language for machine movement which is a part of CAMotics.