Programming a Pointed round over bit

What the suggestion on how to program a pointed round over in? I would assume as a V bit but wanted to see what works for other people. Whiteside 1570 for reference.

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I would enter the bit as an endmill set to the width of the tip… they dont come to a true point, theres a small width at the tip that needs to be accounted for…

Then when you actually use it youll set the cut type to “outside the path” or “inside the path” depending on the design, but i cannot think of any case uses for “on path” or “pocket”

Then the depth to set the design to: equal to the radius of the roundover. The roundover radius is 3/16" for that whiteside 1570.

Having a workpiece with a top thats perfectly parallel to the cncs planar movement is key to getting the right depth across the whole project. I highly suggest surfacing the workpiece or shimming to parallel before carving anything where depth is critical.

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