Programming pattern

Hi everyone, I am new at X-carve and easel. I have researched the web and found some nice ideas how to work the wood. One idea or design was very interesting, but unfortunately I couldn’t find yet a way how to design or better program it to achieve those results! I will attach 2 videos to let you guys understand what I mean and hopefully someone has a link or a program how to get to those results! Or else maybe has an idea how to program it or how to create a kind of pattern…
I wrote to the guys who are doing those arts but they haven’t answered me and I assume they even wont or if will not share their technique…

Here to 2 links:

I am looking forward to a positive answer.
Thanks guys!
Regards Pat

Halftoner by
Really slick little program.
There’s an online tool that does a similar thing…if I come across it again I’ll update this post.
Edit: here it is

EDIT again: Noticed no one was clicking on the Halftoner link…here it is in obvious form.

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Thank you very much for the info. i will look into it!