Project Advice-Large Circle in Pieces

I can give it to you in a cutable file if you’d like. I’d need to know:

Tool diameter
Material thickness
Do the dog ears go all the way through?

Sorry for the late reply. What the other Robert gave me worked perfectly. it was just the SVG that I was able to import into Easel, from there I was able to set all the tooling and cutting parameters. I’ll be doing the test cuts today after work to make sure all my measurements were good.

Great! Please share some pics.

ok, first test done. not sure where i went wrong, but it’s a very loose connection. goingt o try a few other things…

ok, through my over-thinking, i mixed up my inside and outside cuts. still not “inlay” tight. but it might be due to the practice wood. just simple white board. might neet to turn down the feed rate, too. running it at 75 in/min right now.

there’s a slight gap on the back end. can’t really figure it out. ideas?