Project (Carving question)

I’m trying to design/carve the stars for the American Flag. Does anyone know if there is a way that I can carve out the material around the stars? I know I can do the outline, but I want cut all the material out that way only the stars would protrude out from the wood. All I see on Easel is to either do the Fill or outline.

you can make a square the size that you need routed out, then make your stars and place them where needed. than set the stars at zero (0) depth and it will carve out all the area around the stars (where you made your square) and leave the stars at full height.

here I made an example for you. check out the workspaces and notes to see the steps (there was only two)

I tried what you said, but it just takes my material down with the stars.

your project is not shared so I can not see what has been done.

your statement makes no sense to me.

  1. your material should be set at whatever thickness you have.
  2. your inset is the box that you place, (make it the depth of cut you would like removed around the stars).
  3. then place the stars and set to zero depth. (this makes the stars stand out. never cuts them just removes around them).

If you draw the rectangle first then the star it will work for you. To make sure right click on the star and pick bring forward. Slide the fill for the star all the way up to 0.

You’re not cutting the first workpiece I hope. Just carve the second one.

@JohnHeffelfinger did you get this worked out?

still can not see what you are talking about as your link is not shared publicly.

Just wondering if you figured it out and got what you needed done.