Project code or design template

Would anyone be willing to share their monogram template or upload code?


did you not like any that are in the project page?✓&query=monogram&button=

i dont see any that are shared. no share code or anything.

I just found this site today, maybe what you’re after? They have all sorts of goodies that look carveable.

Here is a font file. Some will work for monograms.

Great share, thank you.

Just checked again and opened a random sample and they all opened in easel. on one of them it has several different types and styles to choose from even. are you just wanting some one else to create your design specifically for you? If that is the case then I misunderstood what you wanted.

P.S. did you click on the blue button marked “open in easel”?

Thank you!

What did you search under for those projects? The ones I saw didn’t have the open in easel option.

click on the link✓&query=monogram&button=

then you will see a page like this

Click on a project to open the page for that project.

then click on Open in Easel

that will open you Easel session with the project copied for you. if you like it you will need to make a copy to save to your easel.

Once it is opened in easel at the bottom of the page you can notice that there is more than one template to choose from

Just in case click at the top to save the copy to your easel session