Project completing before complete (Longmill 30X30)

Hello, I had an issue yesterday with an Easel sign I was making showing that it had about 20-30 minutes left to carve and it stopped carving, went back to the zero position like it does on all carves when done and the finished window was open on the screen just like all carves do when done but it had another depth round of roughing to do.

The job was setup for 12x24" material with a 11x23" background 1/4" depth at 1/8" depth per pass for the roughing. It also had a .125" letter in the middle. It got all the way done with the first pass and was about 15% done with the 2nd pass and this is when it stopped as if it were finished.

What sends the finished command in Easel for the machine and software to think its finished?

I was lucky enough to be able to download the gcode and rerun the job in UGS with no issues, I just downloaded, closed Easel, opened UGS and ran the job… Zero and Material never moved…

I really do like Easel but my monthly purchase is due on Christmas and this issue is making me rethink it.

Machine is the Longmill 30X30

Hi Duane,

There is no “finished” command. Easel stops when all of the g-code has been executed.

The most common reason for a carve to stop like this for no apparent reason is EMI somewhere along the cabling of the machine, which could happen with any g-code sender. At the end of every carve, Easel will ask if you are happy with the results of the carve. If you click the sad Easel face and then submit your issue to Inventables, we can inspect the grbl log and sometimes see if there was an unexpected error reported, which can provide a clue that EMI might have been in play.

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Thanks for the reply Jeff. I normally hit the smiley or sad face at the end of a carve but pretty sure I didn’t put any details. Its all good because Easel is still an awesome app to use. It cuts down on a ton of design time and lets me do more cutting.

In the future if I have any issues Ill make sure and go through the ending screen with details.

We completely use Easel Pro as our source and have a Longmill 30x30 as well. Haven’t had any similar problems.

Thanks Gary, this issue must have been a one off, Ive ran the exact same job and it finished fine. I guess the PC sent a cancel command or something. I would say I accidentally hit the mouse but I wasn’t in the room when it happen so I’m not sure. Just the gremlin in the lines that day lol.

Thanks for the reply.

If for some reason the USB-link drops out even for a millisecond, the carve will abort/halt or whatever.