Project due to corona

Due to corona I’m at home a lot. I’m a teacher and all the students are at home. I live in Holland and I got my machine in 2018 and no its no X carve but een Openbuilds 1015 witch I modified. I razed my X gantry by 60 mm, Got rid off de timingbelt on de X axes and in the near future I will upgrade my Y axes with a ballscrews. The last project is een piece for the wedding off my daughter end son in law. That was planned on 13 June but due to corona all is cancelled. No weddings not even funerals, or at least in small numbers. But the wedding is postponed to later date.


Heel mooi werk

Dank je wel. Ik heb gisteren een hoop materiaal, MDF en plex, ingeslagen om voorlopig wat te doen te hebben.