Project finishing before project completion

I am running quite extensive programs with large G-Code files, all 3-D contouring. I am frustrated today because I can only seem to get about 30% through the project before Easle stops the machine and asks how my project turned out. Well, it obviously doesn’t turn out. Among changing countless lines of code and re-designing my programs, nothing is working.

What upsets me the most, is that I can not even restart the program from my parts zero location. So now I have 3 wasted parts and no solution. Below is the file I am running.
1003 we are all in (1.6 MB)

Use Picsender as the Gcode sender. Works great even for larger files

Easel should cope with a decent amount of gcode.

The main reason for your symtpom is USB-dropout, this can come from a mulitude of things like:
Electrical noise (RF/EMF) from dirty appliances, grounding issues, fluorescent lighting
Power management of the USB-port

I summarized my experience with stopping carves here

Maybe some points are valid for you.

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Haven’t been on the forums for a while, but the fix was just removing the pigtail USB/printer port and going directly into the board with a quality cable. Also, internet connection is a huge issue with Easle if your connection is unstable like it is in my shop. ha