Project Finishing Question

I am planning on making a dog bowl stand for my dog who is getting older. I have the plans mostly designed already. What is the best type of finish for this? Should I use an outdoor finish since there might be a small amount of water spillage? Will using stain instead of paint make a difference in the type of finish to use? Thanks in advance, guys!

Dog bowl, or dog bowl holder?

Dog bowl holder…something like in the picture
dog bowl holder

You can paint or stain it and use a good exterior grade poly on it to ptotect it. I make and sell them and people write back years later and say how nice they hold up. Do it right and it will last forever.

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I’m assuming water-based poly is a no-no, then.

I have not found one yet that works outside. Get you a spray can of 2x ultra cover by rustoleum and that will do the job.

Ha ha ha ha “small amount…” that is funny. My wife has to mop the floor when my dog is done drinking out of his bowl.

I made a stand for my pup and he loves it. your dog will like it especially being an older dog.

couple coats of poly and you should be good

Our lab does not spill to much but he will get a drink and walk in the other room with water running out of his mouth and stand and look at you.


Thanks for the replies, fellas. I’ve got some Helmsman spar urethane I can throw on it. Has anyone used Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel? I’ve got a few cans of that, as well. Not sure if it will hold up to water or not. I always use it for indoor signs.

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Helmsman is my favorite.


My only issue with the spar urethane is using it on white paint. I don’t want it to yellow over time.

If you use the spar on white it will yellow it.

Is this outside? It’s got a UV protectant in it to alleviate some of that. Not sure if it totally eliminates it though.

It will be used inside.

Helmsmanworks extremely well for outdoor use. I have a address sign on my mailbox that is about a year old and still looks great.

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As long as I don’t paint it white, I figure it will work fine.

I put it over black all the time.


Finally got started on the dog bowl stand. I haven’t put anything together yet, but I’m getting parts carved. I went with cheap knotty pine, so the paint job needs to be redone in areas. I rounded over the edges by hand, in case anyone was wondering. I do not know how to accomplish this with the cnc. Hopefully it’ll be put together within the next week. Time is always an issue with a 2-year-old at the house.


Looks good to me. For the paint, even with cheap pine you can achieve a glassy smooth finish. First thing is to use a sanding sealer since you are only painting(wood conditioner if staining). Get your piece sanded smooth, apply first coat of sealer, sand with 220, then another coat of sealer, hit it with 220 again. Then paint. With your paint, let it cure for a couple days then you could use the 3m finishing pads to sort of buff the paint surface to knock down any dirt/dust nibs.

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Good advice. I will try that in the future. Since this is for my dog, I’m not too worried about the finish. If it were for a customer, that would be a different story.

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