Project Folder ... Organization

Add Folders to keep projects organized list and be able Save to my desktop sometime of file that can be reloaded in the future


We don’t want it. We need it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Let’s make easel great again!

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It would be a solution, better in my opinion, if projects could be stored offline, and uploaded when ready to be used or modified. Then we could create our own project organization and backups.

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I became so afraid of losing all my projects, hours and hours of design and many trial carvings to check for the exact fit, that I installed a copy of VCARVE, and redrew all the vectors and holes (size & placements) of all my designs, using that software. At least I have a local backup now. But what a crazy manual process to have to go through to obtain it. Easel NEEDS to support the storage of projects offline, on a user’s desktop computer.

Could I at least request some kind of development road map or timeline? I see so many suggestions for improvement to Easel, but I seldom see any comments from the software team as to when, or if, any of these improvements might be added.

If Easel is all in Javascript, it should be not too difficult to offer that code as a download for running on a local server, solving the office storage issue as well as the issue of running Easel when Internet is not available.

for retirement im moving to the country - “good plan” - the internet out there sucks at best - so cloud based apps are great for city folk - I’ve downloaded desktop apps since way back - i know how to dl a update if needed w/0 relying on a cloud to do it - cloud based is a wall for some users… they do have electricity out there which is a start LOL !