Project ideas for a close loss

Morning everyone. A close friend of mine lost his daughter suddenly last weekend while she was traveling out of state. Her remains are being returned home, and there will only be a celebration of life at an outside establishment due to COVID. I’m usually pretty creative with designs. but this one hits so close to home I’m lost for anything that will be fitting. I’d like something that can be displayed at the function, and can also be displayed at his home after. Only 2 ideas I’ve come up with are a photo display, shaped with the letters of her full name, or a laser engraved plaque with her headshot on it. Got any ideas? I appreciate your inputs as always. Thanks.

I am sure anything that you produce from the heart will be completely acceptable … Sorry for his loss :frowning:


Brandon Parker


Sorry to hear about the loss Dave the Covid does not help any. My fater inlaw passed around 5 weeks ago and i have been laser engraving ceramic tiles for the familly members in a small frame. Not sure if you could do something like that and maybe engrave something on the frame.

I could help you out if needed.

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Thanks guys. Wayne, I didn’t know you could laser those tiles. Very cool. Was there a lot of trial and error for the laser settings?

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Yes a lot. You can not just laser the tile you need to paint it white first. If you want to know any more just pm me and i can explain it.