Project Ideas

I was digging around on the web and I came across this Pinterest page that has a lot of really good ideas for wooden projects.

You like these stuff. :slight_smile: (1.6 MB)

All 50 States Cutting Boards.crv (923.5 KB)

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If you’re really keen, try googling “wooden clocks”. Brian Law clocks and Clayton Boyer both sell plans for some pretty amazing devices.

I recently completed one, and whilst it’s not the easiest thing I’ve ever done, I was pretty proud when I first got it running.

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The 50 states cutting boards really interest me. How ever I don’t have correl to open the file. Do you have it in a different format, or do you know any other program that could open it?

It’s for VCarve, if I convert it to SVG files can you use it. ?

This zip file have it. Two files, piece by piece and complete USA. SVG format. I don’t know how that works in Easel.

50 (76.3 KB)

THANK YOU SO MUCH! this works perfectly. I was able to open the file in adobe illustrator and separate out each individual state as well as leave them all together. Huge thank you!

You’re welcome, enjoy.