Project not cutting the size I want

If this has been asked or answered before, I can’t find it.
My xcarve is like a month old. I am working on my first project. I imported a picture into easel and used image to use it. The original size of the project is tiny, like 6”x 4”. I have resized it where you build the project at(don’t know the right wording). I want it to be roughly 12” wide, by 8” tall.
When it cuts, it always cuts the original size. I have tried the pinning button and homing and went through everything.
Any words will help.
Also, is there a way to cut the project out after it’s been carved using Easel?


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Can you share your project?

You should be able to make it whatever size you want to in Easel. Click the padlock to locked and specify one dimension the other will follow proportionately.


Yes, I will share the project later this afternoon. I will try what you me times als. Thanks

I started a complete new one with the instructions and nothing. It’s coming out the same size. I wonder if I have to adjust the picture before I import into Easel?

Hi Ben, Welcome!
The design pane looks correct, that has been re-sized to 12.5"x6" (once you hit enter or tab; it will keep the original scale and be a little off of 12x6 since the lock scale button is selected)

What you are explaining is that the cnc machine is carving smaller than the design pane is showing? likely for any design, not just this one correct?

IF so then your grbl settings (saved onto a chip in the CNC machine during intial setup) are set wrong.
You will want to perform the “machine setup” again and select the correct settings, this will allow easel to re-program your cnc machine to the correct calibration parameters given your actual machine specs.
To do this in Easel Go to Machine>Setup New Machine please note that the “After Nov 2021” machine is only for brand new machines that include both the new linear rail Z axis AND the new 9mm wide X and Y belts, along with the larger stepper motors. If you don’t have both of these, then select the other option and then use the dropdown selections to select the correct setup of your machine.

Side note: you can share a project via a share link by going to Projects>Share and then changing it from Private to Unlisted and copying that link, then pasting it wherever you like. The link only shares a copy, but with the exact settings of your version. :+1:

Thanks Seth, after I posted these pictures today, I tried different projects. I drew the first one the size I wanted and it came out great.

The second I imported another picture from the net, and it resized perfectly.

I will try the steps that you mentioned about reprogramming my machine. That was a shaky experience from the get go. I didn’t want anything to happen, like me ruining it.

I will post a response on how it worked out. I have another question, how do I cut my project out with my xcarve? Do I need to put an additional program step in there?

Thanks again for your help

I figured the message would come across smoother if I said it… sorry the poor audio though…

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