Project not finishing Small "e" on projects

Hello all:
I am suspicious maybe this problem could be avoided using another browser? I am using Safari.
The words look good in layout but when carved the missing part of the e does not carve and if you look closely at the rh side of easel t is not there either.


Your bit size may be to large, can you try a smaller bit?

That is a good thought! On this particular project I tried a 1/64th and it broke off on the very first down thrust! I am using a piece of cherry and I told it to use the 1/32nd bit anyhow. I did not realize it would skip parts if I told it to use it anyway? I have much to learn!


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also a good thing to know is all the feeds and speeds are ment for a 1/8 inch bit so if u cut with a 1/16 cut it in half. 1/32 cut it down by 4 hope this helps

So when I select a different sized bit it does not change the speed from eh default to a 1/8 inch bit?

Easel does not take the bit size into account when setting the default feedrate, it is only based on the material type.

just like allen said. so if u select mdf and use a 1/32 but you will break it very time use the simple rulls i stated above and you will do much better

ok I understand… the program does not adjust by bit size. I put the smallest bit i had in and it still said it was too big. I went forward anyhow and it did not even move side to side yet. It broke off on the downstroke . Anyhow all good info…

You really need a vbit for carving small letters.