Project Not Standing

Is there away that this project can stand? Someone suggested using the interlocker app, but then the text can’t be used like I want it to be.

The project section of this website has a number of interlocking standing deer plans. I think tou could modify one of those with fair ease … such as erasing the antlers if you want a doe!

add a base such as

If you were to use your workspaces more effectively and efficiently you can achieve magic. Or even better find solutions to problems.
Here is how I use it:
Page one is the full design master. (Once completed never work on the master page unless updates are required, and then you have to start all over or copy paste the edited pages.) Once project is completed I make a few duplicates and name them after the bit to be used in each page and what stage they are. (ATC style)
Then you start in the second page by deleting entities to be carved later. The rest you can figure out.
The way to use it for problem solving is, you duplicate the master twice and delete the problem part in the first then cut the rest in the second.

Best method I use is I would put the text in stage one, then put the details in the second. Then I would do the profiles in the last.