Project Notes Field?

It would be really useful to have a field, possibly under the Project tab to record notes about the project.

In my classroom setting, I have a number of projects that I use for teaching at the beginning of the semester or a particular times of the year and it would be useful to be able to record notes and reminders about the project, this could have to do with materials settings, project preparations, or in my case, how the project fits into my curriculum. I’m sure others who are not educators, might find a “project notes” field useful as well.

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There is a notes option in each workpiece tab on the bottom row. It’s not for the project but useful on each tab.


Just to add on what Rudy is talking about.
On the bottom you have your different pages for Easel, bring your mouse to the top right corner and a window will pop up that has Notes in it.
When you save a note to a page it puts a symbol in the upper left hand corner as a reminder.


I usually do what the others mentioned above and you can also rename the workpiece itself and that will be a little more obvious as it appears across the bottom of the preview you could name the workpiece “Notes” or similar and that might indicate to other users that they should check the notes.

BUT you could make it even more obvious by creating another Workpiece and using the text function to just write notes into the project itself, set that as the first workpiece if you want them to see it for sure! :grinning:
I may have done this for some of the project designs that I sell.

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Thank you! I have this vague notion that I might have heard about this function…or maybe TinkerCAD has something similar, but I don’t recall ever noticing that drop down menu on the work pieces. I think I am going to follow Seth’s suggestion and name the first workpiece “project notes.” One of the skills/habits I am trying to teach my students is that good engineers document their work. It is very hard to convince 12 year olds to update a “project notebook” daily, but I can certainly make a “notes” section a condition of letting them carve their projects.