Project Out of Date

So…here is the deal. Have several folders and projects in each folder.
Ever few days I get a pop-up message “Folder out of Date” and I have to make a Copy of the Folder to keep working.
What am I missing? Is it normal to have to copy ‘Folders’ in order to keep the files?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

Do you work from different computers?

I use two, one for designing and another for using the CNC, and if I have Easel open on both I can get the same message. Its due to clock mismatch between the two PC’s IIRC.

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
There is also a search icon top right - if you ever run into an issue there is a good chance some of us (or most of us…:wink: ) have run into it before, and clues can be found here.


Yes…have two laptops for both of the Bob’s CNC machines we have running.
Never thought that would be the issue…thank you very much!

Hope it works out, just close Easel on the PC not in use and open project on the other :slight_smile: