Project Preview not showing since yesterday

I’ve started to loose the Project Preview thumbnails of my projects since yesterday afternoon. The standard Easel thumbnail is replacing all of my Project Preview thumbnails as I work on them.
Look like this has happened in the past a couple of times. Hopefully it will get fixed soon.

Anybody else experiencing the same issue?


I’m having the same thing happen, its only for files that have been created in the last 4 days, the rest of them are correct. I guess Inventables is working on something

Thank you, Russell!

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Have the same problem here.

Hi folks, I’m sorry for the trouble. I believe we’ve fixed the underlying problem, and Easel currently is working through a backlog of project thumbnails. I anticipate it being caught up on thumbnail saving by about 7PM CDT (00:00 GMT) has worked through the backlog of unsaved project thumbnails. Please let us know if you continue to experience this problem.


Thank you! Mine appear to be all back.

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mine stopped working last week?

Mine is not working. Any project I’ve created in the last 4 days have no preview still

I have no issues with older projects or new project added today, preview is working as normal on my end.

Hello everyone,
Our thumbnail processing server has experienced a malfunction over the weekend. We have fixed the issue and are processing the project previews now. Due to the size of the queue it might take a couple of hours to generate all the previews. No data has been lost and no action is needed from anyone, no need to re-open the projects to regenerate the thumbnails.