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Project Profile Location Setting


Is there any way to change what shows up as my location in Projects?

Hi Jeremy,

That location is pulled from your billing address that we have on file for you. Unfortunately there’s no way for you to update your billing address without placing a new order. Would you like me to change it to match your shipping address?

We’re currently in the midst of redesigning user profiles so that you can add more information about yourself.

Yep, if you can set it to my shipping address, that would be great, but if not then I can wait for when the redesign on the user profiles comes down the pipe.

They won’t display prison farm locations for security reasons, Ha hA :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Heh, nice! …but I live in New Zealand… not Australia! hee hee :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I live in New Zealand too @sketch42, where are you located?

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Auckland. Where abouts are you in New Zealand?

I live in taupo. My post must be at least 20 characters long.

Oh, Nice. Do you live on the lake?

I was just down there recently for the Tongariro Crossing.

Are there lots of sheep there?

-James E

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Mathew I also live in Taupo and have just joined up in this forum. Is there any chance of a meet up please.