Project Sharing

We’ve been working a lot behind the scenes on different ways to share projects. Last week we changed a few things about the page on our website where projects can be browsed. Check out the new gallery format for project sharing.

Anyone can upload a project and we’re working on curating a selection of projects that are inspiring and easy for people to make when they are getting started. We’re also going to be curating a selection of more advanced projects that people can tackle and customize once they have a bit more experience.

We’ve got a lot in the pipeline that relates to this.

We’d love your feedback in this thread.

If you are interested in adding your own projects go to the file menu in Easel and you can share and publish your project.

When do you people sleep? Do you sleep?

Keep it up folks, we the public have taken notice…

There’s no time to sleep when you are having this much fun! :smile:


Is there a way to share a project with an individual? I have 3 young grandchildren and plan for them to get a free account where they can create projects that I can run on my X-Carve. But I don’t want them to have to share passwords or post on a public forum.

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You can use the share function in the project menu. As long as they don’t post that link publicly on the internet their project will only be viewable by people they provide the link to.


Thanks! This is exactly what I am looking for!

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